Upgrade from SMT Version 2 to SMT Version 3

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This topic applies to SuiteCommerce and the Kilimanjaro release of SCA and later.

To upgrade from SMT version 2 to SMT version 3, follow these steps:

  1. Install the SMT Core Content Types Bundle

  2. Migrate SMT Content required only when upgrading from version 2 to version 3 of SMT

  3. Deploy the Supported SCA Version to a Site

Some important benefits of upgrading from SMT version 2 to SMT version 3 include:

  • Version 3 provides you with some features that are not available in version 2. See SMT Versions for a list of features and version availability.

  • Content for SMT version 3 is stored as NetSuite Records. See CMS Records for SMT.

  • Content records for version 3 content are exposed to SuiteScript. See the help topic Website.


It is best practice to run only one version of Site Management Tools on a single site. For example, if you have a single site record with multiple domains, do not run SMT version 2 on one domain and version 3 of SMT on another domain. Each domain should run the same version of SMT.

Install the SMT Core Content Types Bundle

SMT Version 3 requires installation of the SMT Core Content Types Bundle. This bundle creates the four SMT Core Content Types and their corresponding custom records in your NetSuite account. These content types include:

  • Text

  • Image

  • Merchandising Zone

  • HTML

The content types and their associated custom records are locked and cannot be edited or deleted. For information on the custom records and CMS Content Records, see CMS Records for SMT.

Install the SMT Core Content Types bundle as the first step in implementing or migrating to SMT version 3. The bundle ID is 190323.

See the help topic Installing a Bundle.

Migrate SMT Content

Content that you add to a site running SMT version 2 is stored differently from content for version 3 of SMT. When you upgrade your site, such as migrating from a pre-Kilimanjaro release of SCA to Kilimanjaro or greater, the content on the site must be migrated from version 2 to version 3. Without this migration, content created with version 2 of SMT does not display on the site.


This process migrates only the published content on your site. If your SMT version 2 site has content that has not yet been published, you must publish the content before the content migration. If you have content that is not ready to be published, you must manually add it to your site after the migration.

Multiple Migrations

You can run the migration process multiple times. Each time you run the migration, previously migrated content is cleared and re-created from the version 2 content. You receive a warning about this during the migration. An example of when you could encounter this situation is if you run the migration, but then realize you have content that was not yet published. Since unpublished content is not migrated, you must publish the content, and then run the migration again.


If you have upgraded your site to version 3, downgraded to version 2, then upgraded to version 3, it is important to re-run the migration to migrate any new content that was added to your version 2 site.

To migrate content from SMT version 2 to version 3:

  1. Go to Lists > Web Site > CMS Contents.

  2. Click CMS Content Migration. This displays the CMS Content Migration page.

  3. Select the site you want to migrate from the Site dropdown list.

  4. Click Begin Migration.


    This displays a message that the migration deletes any SMT version 3 content. If you are migrating from SMT version 2 to SMT version 3 then there is no need to be alarmed by the message. You can run the migration multiple times and each time it will clear the previously migrated content and migrate it again from the content on the version 2 site.

  5. Click OK to begin the migration.

    It may take several minutes to complete the migration. You can click Refresh to monitor the status of the migration.

Deploy the Supported SCA Version to a Site

Site Management Tools version 3 is supported by SuiteCommerce and the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced and greater. If you are setting up a new site with the SuiteCommerce or the Kilimanjaro or greater release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, then follow the normal implementation procedure. See Install Your Commerce Web Store Applications. If your site currently runs on a pre-Kilimanjaro release of SCA, then you must migrate to SuiteCommerce or a supported release of SuiteCommerce Advanced. See Update SuiteCommerce Advanced.