Internationalization of SMT Administration

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Internationalization enables the website administrator to set the language for the Site Management Tools user interface. SMT uses the language preference selected in your NetSuite account. To select your language preference, see the help topic Choosing a Language for Your NetSuite User Interface. This enables administrators to set their own language preferences when using SMT. For example, one administrator can use SMT in English and one administrator can use SMT in Spanish. SMT uses the language preference selected in the administrator’s NetSuite account.

Internationalization does not affect the language for visitors to the website. Visitor language is controlled by language preference in SuiteCommerce Advanced. See the help topic Web Site Language Preferences.

Currently, internationalization is only supported in SMT V3. To check your version of SMT, see Determine Your Version of SMT.

All foreign languages available in NetSuite are available to select for internationalization.


Custom Content Types are not currently supported for internationalization.