Duplicate Product Lists in Internet Explorer 11

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SuiteCommerce Advanced | pre-Denali


In pre-Denali releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced, product lists in My Account are displayed in duplicate when using Internet Explorer 11. The duplication is a result of the caching behavior in IE 11 where product lists are cached by default. To correct this issue, modify the ProductList.js file as described here to force a new request to NetSuite and set the cache to false for product lists.

To modify the caching behavior defined in the ProductList.js file:

  1. Copy the ProductList.js file at Reference Shopflow > js > src > app > modules > ProductList to the same location in the custom folder.

  2. Modify the functions getProductListsPromise and getProductList with {cache: false} as shown in the following code snippet.

    application.getProductListsPromise = function () { if (!application.productListsInstancePromise) { application.productListsInstancePromise = jQuery.Deferred(); application.productListsInstance = new ProductListCollection(); application.productListsInstance.application = application; // MODIFIED CODE FOR IE 11 CACHING application.productListsInstance.fetch({cache: false}).done(function(jsonCollection) { application.productListsInstance.set(jsonCollection); application.productListsInstancePromise.resolve(application.productListsInstance); }); } return application.productListsInstancePromise; }; // obtain a single ProductList with all its item's data application.getProductList = function (id) { var productList = new ProductListModel(); productList.set('internalid', id); // MODIFIED CODE FOR IE 11 CACHING return productList.fetch({cache: false}); };
  3. Save your changes.

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