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SuiteCommerce Advanced | Denali | Mont Blanc | Vinson | Elbrus


With the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, the ability for users to change their email address is supported by default. In order to provide this capability to releases prior to the Kilimanjaro release, you need to update your implementation with the changes described in the section corresponding to your implementation:


Each section describes the required changes needed to achieve the change email address functionality. Since many files are affected, and for simplicity, we have not described the detailed implementation steps here. However, you should implement these changes using the best practices of using extensions and overrides while ensuring that you do not impact previous customizations to your implementation. For more information, see Best Practices for Customizing SuiteCommerce Advanced.

In addition to making the changes described, you must create ns.package.json files and update your distro.json file for any custom modules you include the code updates in. Since this customization modifies SSP library files, changes are not immediately visible in your local environment. You must first deploy your custom module directly to NetSuite.

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