Creating a Merchandise Hierarchy


In this section you will learn how to create a merchandise hierarchy manually. For information regarding how to create a hierarchy using data from a CSV import, see Creating a Merchandise Hierarchy by CSV.

To create a merchandise hierarchy manually you must create the following elements in NetSuite:

  • A hierarchy version – contains the complete hierarchy definition for a specific time period. You may only need one version, which therefore would not have an end date. If you have defined several versions, only one version can be active at any time. See Creating a Hierarchy Version.

  • Hierarchy levels – provide a useful way to categorize hierarchy nodes and determine the relationships between items. See Creating a Hierarchy Level.

  • Hierarchy nodes – groupings for merchandise that share similar characteristics. They also provide a point in the hierarchy from where other nodes can be created or products can be assigned. See Creating a Hierarchy Node.

The following diagram shows the recommended workflow for the first time creation of a merchandise hierarchy.

After you create a hierarchy version, you create the levels and nodes for that version in the The Hierarchy Manager.

When all the required elements have been created for your complete hierarchy, you can assign items to the appropriate hierarchy node. For more information, see Assigning Items to a Hierarchy Node.