Cash Drawer Management

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SuiteCommerce InStore


SCIS Store Safe Account

  • ID: custrecord_ns_pos_location_safeaccount

  • Description: Account used for tracking the amount in the store safe. You must define a store safe account for each point-of-sale location. Set this field on the Location record.

SCIS Cash Drawer Difference

  • ID: custrecord_ns_pos_location_diffaccount

  • Description: A custom field on location records. For each location that uses SCIS, you must select the account to use when there is a discrepancy between the amount in the cash drawer and the amount entered in SCIS for the Closing Drawer transaction.

SCIS Register

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_registers

  • Description: (Required for Advanced Cash Management) A custom record that must be configured for each cash drawer and printer combination used at the retail store.

SCIS Shift

  • ID: customrecord_ns_shifts

  • Description: (Advanced Cash Management) A custom record that is created automatically each time a sales associate opens a shift in SCIS.