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SuiteCommerce Advanced | Kilimanjaro | Aconcagua


With SuiteCommerce and Site Builder extensions, users can change their registered email address in the My Account application on the Profile Information page. Once a user submits the change request, they receive emails to confirm the change. When the user clicks the confirmation link, a confirmation message is displayed within the login/checkout screen.

Note the following default behavior:

  • Once a user submits an email change request, two confirmation emails are generated as follows:

    • Sent to the original email address: this email informs the user that a change of email address has been requested with instructions to contact the site if they believe the message is generated in error.

    • Sent to the new email address: this email contains a confirmation link. When the user clicks the confirmation link for the new email address, they must be logged into the account with their original email before the email change is complete.

  • Email changes can be audited on the Customer record at System Information > System Notes. The Change to the email field is recorded with the old and new values.

  • The email communication generated for users when they request a change of email are  security-sensitive. Therefore, these emails are not recorded in the communication tab of the Customer record. Only the owner of the email address is sent the communication.

  • Expiration date for the confirmation is displayed in the confirmation email. A user can resubmit a request at any time to generate a new confirmation email.

  • The confirmation email is a system-generated email and cannot be customized.

  • Users can continue to log in with their current email address and password until the new email address is verified.


This feature is available by default in the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced. For instructions on backporting the feature to previous releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced, see Change Email Address Patch.