3D Secure Payment Authentication

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


This information refers to SuiteCommerce or the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later.

SuiteCommerce Advanced supports the use of 3D Secure authentication through payment provider accounts such as Cybersource or Merchant e-Solutions. 3D secure authentication provides for additional fraud protection by allowing users to create and assign a password to their credit and debit cards. The password is then verified when a user processes a transaction through your store.

Before you begin, you need to set up your credit card processing profiles for each payment gateway you use. See the help topic Setting Up Credit Card Processing Profiles in NetSuite.

To enable 3D Secure authentication for your site:

  1. Select the domain to configure at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. In the SuiteCommerce Configuration record, navigate to the Checkout tab.

  3. Check the Enable 3D Secure Payments field.

  4. Save the Configuration record.

3D Secure Authentication Process

Once 3D secure authentication is enabled for your site, the following logic is followed for each credit card transaction:

  1. A user begins the checkout process and enters their credit card number.

  2. A third party payment processor determines whether the card is 3D Secure.

  3. If the user has registered to be validated with 3D Secure, they are presented with a credit card authentication page where they enter their password.

  4. The payment processor authenticates the password and returns the result of the authentication.

  5. The transaction is processed or appropriate error messages are returned to the user.