Ship from Store, Pickup In-Store Workflow

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SuiteCommerce InStore


This topic includes general information for administrators about sales associates’ workflow for fulfilling orders in SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS).


You can configure the exception reason that appears when one or more line items are rejected in a fulfillment. For more information, read For more information, read the help topic Defining Fulfillment Exception Reasons.

Ship from Store

Sales associates can perform the entire fulfillment process: pick, pack, print receipts, label packages, and ship. When a sales associate is working on an order, the order is displayed on the Fulfillment Request list as in progress, along with the current status and the sales associate’s name. Only the sales associate who is working on an order, can complete fulfillment on that order.

Note the following:

  • When fulfilling an order, if there is a reason why the sales associate cannot pick items for the order, the sales associate can select a fulfillment exception reason.

    An administrator must enter Fulfillment Exception Reasons at Setup > Order Management > Fulfillment Preferences > Fulfillment Exception Reasons.

  • The shipping method determines the shipping label that is printed for the package.

  • The same shipping items configured for use on your website are also available in SCIS for shipping from the store. Customers can track orders using the My Account application associated with your SCA website.

  • The shipping label must be printed in PDF format.


To print shipping labels, the administrator must ensure the appropriate shipping items are configured in NetSuite.

Pickup in Store

When an order is marked for pickup in-store, the sales associate finds it on the Fulfillment Request list. Next, the sales associate marks the items in the order as picked. When the customer arrives at the store for pickup, the sales associate prints the receipt. At this time, the sales associate (and customer) have the option to add items to the order.

For more information about the workflow for sales associates, read Fulfilling Orders for Shipping and Pickup with SCIS.

Note the following limitations for shipping from store and pickup in store:

  • Serialized inventory and lot numbered items cannot be shipped.

  • Partial quantities cannot be shipped or picked up in store. If the entire quantity on a line item is not available, then the sales associate must reject that line on the picking list. The order appears on the Fulfillment Request list again, assigned to a different location for processing.

Fulfilling Orders With and Without Automatic Location Assignment

On orders that are shipped from the store or picked up in the store, Location assignment is different based on whether or not you have enabled the Automatic Location Assignment feature, and the Default Order Location setting for SCIS. The table below describes how the fulfillment field is set on sales order line items based on the configuration of your NetSuite account.

Feature and Configuration

How is the fulfillment location set on sales orders?

Automatic Location Assignment (ALA)

Default Order Location


Not Enabled

Fulfillment location is set by ALA.

Not Enabled


Default Order Location setting is applied to fulfillment location.



Default Order Location setting applied to fulfillment location.

Not Enabled

Not Enabled

Fulfillment location must be set manually on each line of sales order. Use the NetSuite user interface to edit each sales order.


In the following scenarios, SCIS sets the Fulfilment Location field:

  • Items for Store pickup — SCIS sets the store location as the fulfillment location.

  • Items to be shipped along with cash-and-carry items on the same sales transaction — Cash-and-carry items are set with the store location as the Fulfillment Location.