Manage Themes and Extensions

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

The Extension Manager lets you activate any theme or extension for a domain linked to your SuiteCommerce site. With it, you can create new or edit existing activations.

An activation is the association in NetSuite between a domain and any theme or extensions currently activated for that domain. You can activate any number of extensions for a domain, but you must choose a theme at a minimum.


All sites implementing SuiteCommerce or the Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced require activating a theme using the Manage Extensions Wizard.


Themes and extensions must either be installed as published SuiteApps or deployed to your NetSuite account by a site developer to be available for activation.

Before You Begin

Be aware of the following important information:

  • The Extension Manager comes with the SuiteCommerce Extension Management bundle. See Install Your SuiteCommerce Application for information and the Bundle ID.

  • You must have a published theme or extension installed in your account or have deployed a custom theme or extension for it to appear in the Extension Manager.

  • You must activate at least a theme using the Extension Manager. You can activate only one theme per domain, but you can activate the same theme across multiple domains.

  • You can activate multiple extensions or none at all.

  • If activating an extension on a SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) domain, you must choose a site, domain, location, and subsidiary. Location and subsidiary are not required for SuiteCommerce sites. In these cases, the system defaults locations and subsidiaries to All.

  • The Extension Manager can only process one activation at a time.

The following steps explain how to activate themes and extensions:



Step 1: Manage Activations

The Extension Manager displays all existing activations and lets you create new activations or edit existing ones.

Step 2: New Activation

This step applies to new activations only. Select the site and domain where you want to apply a themes or extension. If you are managing an SCIS domain, you must also choose a location and subsidiary.

Step 3: Select Themes and Extensions

Select the themes and extensions you want to activate.

Step 4: Activate Extensions

This step displays the status of your activation process. During this step, the Extension Manager compiles site runtime files and applies changes to the selected domain.