Aconcagua Release of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced

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Welcome to the Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced!

The Aconcagua release introduces a new product line, SuiteCommerce, along with a major change to how you can enhance your web store experience using the Extension Framework. You can create additional functionality as extensions that you can then install and activate for your account. Extensions can be developed and shared by our partner community which then provides you with a range of choices for improving your web store to meet your business needs. These changes are detailed in this document along with related commerce applications, commerce platform, and Site Management Tools enhancements.


If you are implementing the Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, make sure you get the latest bundle from NetSuite SuiteBundler. You can find the changes included in the Aconcagua R2 release. See Aconcagua R2 Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced.

The following bundles are available:

Bundle ID





SuiteCommerce Advanced Aconcagua


SuiteCommerce Extension Management


SuiteCommerce Base Theme


SuiteCommerce Configuration


Reference Product Lists Records


You must install the Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce in a NetSuite 2018.1 account. Many of the features and enhancements in this release have dependencies on NetSuite 2018.1.


To take advantage of new features in existing SuiteCommerce Advanced implementations, you must migrate the new code to your existing code base. For details, see Update SuiteCommerce Advanced.