Fallback Custom Records

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This section includes reference information about the custom records used for SCIS Fallback. Read this section to learn about how the custom records are used with SCIS Fallback and reconciliation. To view or configure custom fields in NetSuite, go to Customizaton > Lists, Records, & Fields, and then make a selection from the list.

SCIS Fallback Settings

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_fallback_settings

  • Description: Configuring the SCIS Fallback Settings record is the first step in setting up Fallback. For more information, read SCIS Fallback Settings.

SCIS Fallback Transaction

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_fallback_proto_tran

  • Description: This record captures all the data from a transaction submitted in Fallback. This is the parent record to the SCIS Fallback Line and SCIS Fallback Payment records. For more information, read Transaction Creation Process.

SCIS Fallback Line

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_fallback_line

  • Description: This record displays data from each line of each transaction submitted using Fallback. This record is a child record of the SCIS Fallback Transaction record. You can view data from SCIS Fallback Line records on SCIS Fallback Transactions. For more information, read Fallback Data Delivery.

SCIS Fallback Payment

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_fallback_payment

  • Description: This record captures payment information from orders submitted using SCIS Fallback. This is a child record of the SCIS Fallback Transaction record. For more information, read SCIS Fallback Payment Methods.

SCIS Fallback Session

SCIS Fallback Transmission Batch

  • ID: customrecord_scis_fb_transmission_batch

  • Description: SCIS Transmission Batch records are grouped according to session and linked to SCIS Fallback Session records.