Add a Skin to the Theme Manifest

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For your skin to appear in the SMT Theme Customizer, it must be declared in the theme’s manifest. The developer tools do this automatically when you run either gulp theme:local or gulp theme:deploy.


You can also edit the manifest file manually, following the example in this section. The theme’s manifest.json file is located at ../Workspace/<Theme_Directory>/manifest.json.

To update the theme manifest file:

  1. Perform one of the following Gulp commands:

    • gulp theme:local – the developer tools update the manifest and start the local server.

    • gulp theme:deploy – the developer tools update the manifest and deploy the theme to NetSuite.


    Running gulp theme:local updates the manifest, but it does not deploy anything to NetSuite servers. You must deploy your theme files to NetSuite to view your skins in the SMT Theme Customizer.

  2. If necessary, you can edit the manifest.json file to provide a more visually appealing value for the name property.

    Any edits you make to the manifest.json file do not apply to your domain until you redeploy your theme.

When you are ready, use the theme developer tools to deploy your theme. See Theme Developer Tools for procedures on how to use these tools. Note that you must also activate your theme to make these changes available for SMT. See Manage Themes and Extensions for details.

See Theme Manifest for more information on this file.

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