Opening a Shift and Closing the Cash Drawer in SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


This section includes information for sales associates working in SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) with Advanced Cash Drawer Management.

To enter an opening shift transaction:

  1. Log in to SuiteCommerce InStore.

  2. Enter the amount in the cash drawer. You can use the calculator or enter the number of bills in each denomination. Alternately, you can enter the amount of cash in the Starting Cash field.


    The calculator overwrites any value entered manually. You must choose either to use the calculator or enter values manually. For example, if you type 100 in the Initial Loan field, and then use the calculator to add two 20s, the value is 40, not 140.

  3. Select a printer and cash drawer combination.

  4. Click Continue when you are finished.

After you have opened your shift, you can perform sales transactions. Each transaction you enter with SCIS includes your name on the receipt and on the transaction saved in the system. Administrators and Store Managers can track all of the shifts and sales transactions entered by sales associates.

If you need to add or remove cash from the drawer after you have opened a shift, create a cash drawer adjustment. For more information, read Cash Drawer Adjustment.

At the end of each shift, the sales associate must close the drawer by entering the amount of cash that is in the cash drawer.

To enter a closing drawer transaction:

  1. Open the User Menu.

  2. Select Drawer Operations.

  3. Select Close Shift.

  4. Count the cash in the drawer.

  5. Enter the amount of cash in the drawer.


    Depending on how the application is configured, you may not see the amount expected in the cash drawer. Sales associates must enter a note of explanation when closing a shift.

  6. After you submit the closing shift transaction, the Close Shift receipt is printed and then you are automatically logged out of SCIS.

After you complete the Close Drawer transaction, you are automatically logged out of SCIS. You can view review the dates of your past shifts and view Close Drawer receipts in SCIS. For more information, read Cash Drawer Activity.