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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced | SuiteCommerce InStore


The extension developer tools are required for all extension developers. This applies to all SuiteCommerce, any SuiteCommerce Advanced implementations using Aconcagua release and later, and SuiteCommerce InStore extension developers.

After you have successfully installed the extension developer tools, you are ready to develop, test, and deploy extensions. Extension development requires using the Extensibility API.


These procedures assume that you have successfully set up your developer environment to use the extension developer tools. See Developer Environment for details.

The Extension developer tools let you do the following:

Before You Begin

Be aware of the following important information:

  • The gulp extension:fetch command only fetches the following:

    • HTML and Sass files associated with the currently active theme for the specified domain.

    • Extensions development files for custom extensions currently active for the specified domain. You cannot download files for published extensions.

  • Login parameters, including your NetSuite email, account, role, and domain information, are stored in the .nsdeploy file when you create an extension. To reset your login and deployment information, delete the .nsdeploy file. This file is located here:


  • Extension information, including the extension name, fantasy name, version, and description, are stored in the extension’s Manifest.json file. The manifest file is located here: