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The following procedures use a fictitious CCT named SC.CCT.ImageViewer as an example. This CCT introduces a simple image viewer that gets data from either a custom record (as set up in Site Management Tools) or from certain data previously made available in the browser. You can download the code samples described in these examples here: Example ImageViewer CCT.

A custom content type (CCT) lets you create custom functionality as content that you can dynamically manage using Site Management Tools. As a best practice, build your CCT as an extension using the extension developer tools.

Implementing CCTs for your SuiteCommerce Site requires two separate, but related activities:

  • Create a CCT as an extension for SuiteCommerce. You must first create an extension with a CCT to contain the JavaScript, HTML, Sass, and resources required for your CCT. See the checklist below for guided steps.

  • Set up custom records in NetSuite for your custom content type using Site Management Tools. This requires creating the custom records, fields and Content Type Record for your custom content type, and then enabling the Custom Content Type in CCT.


You can create a custom CCT module with the Extensibility API to retrieve, create, and update data stored in NetSuite records using services and models.

Follow these steps to implement a CCT as an extension for your SuiteCommerce site.



Create Your CCT as an Extension

Use the extension development tools to create a baseline extension that includes a baseline module and then add a CCT baseline module as a separate module.

Create the Entry Point JavaScript Files

Create the entry point JavaScript files that are necessary to mount the extension to the application.

Implement the View File

Define what the CCT loads when it is dragged into the application.

Implement the Template File

Create the template file required to render the data defined by the view.

Implement the Sass Files

Use the Sass files auto-generated by the extension development tools to style the HTML defined by the template file.

Test and Deploy the CCT Extension

Test and deploy the extension.

You must also set up your custom records in NetSuite for your custom content type using Site Management Tools. To do this, follow the instructions in Custom Content Type.


You must have Site Management Tools enabled in your NetSuite account to implement CCTs. See Site Management Tools for information on how to set up SMT.