Associating Coupon Codes With a SuitePromotion



The Coupon Codes subtab is where you choose how many times your coupon codes can be used and where you import or generate coupon codes.

To add coupon codes:

On the Coupon Codes subtab:

  1. In the Coupon Code Type field, choose whether the coupon code for this promotion can be used more than one time (Multiple Uses), or can only be used one time (Single Use).

  2. If you are entering a multi-use coupon code, enter the code in the Coupon Code field.

  3. If you are entering single-use coupon codes, do one of the following:

    • Select a CSV file to import

    • Enter a code pattern and the number of codes you want to generate

For more information regarding coupon codes, see Coupon Codes.