Creating a Standard Promotion

You can create standard promotions to track special offers and marketing initiatives.

To create a standard promotion:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Marketing > Promotions > New.

  2. Enter a name, description, start date, and an end date for this promotion.

    After the end date, the promotion will no longer trigger discounts, and will no longer appear in the list of available promotions.

  3. In the Discount Item for Accounting field, select the discount item you want to assign to this promotion. The account on the discount item is impacted by the promotion’s discount. This field is mandatory but only required for accounting purposes.

    To create new discount items, go to Lists > Accounting > Items > New (Administrator). Click Discount.

  4. In the Discount Rate field, enter the percentage discount or flat rate discount to be applied.


    The Rate field automatically fills with the rate of the discount item selected in the Discount field. This value can be can be overridden as needed.

  5. In the Each customer can use the promotion field, choose one of the following:

    • Unlimited amount of times - the discount can be applied to multiple sales.

    • One time only - the discount can be used only one time by each customer.

  6. The Free Shipping Method list includes all the shipping items available in your account. Select a shipping method here to create a free shipping promotion.

    The price of the shipping method you select is discounted from the order total after the customer enters the coupon code on a sales transaction or a web order.

  7. In the Minimum Order Amount field, enter the amount that the customer must spend before the promotion becomes valid.

    If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, a subtab appears where you can set a different minimum order amount for each currency in which you do business.

  8. Check the Available to All Customers box if you want this promotion's coupon codes to be able to be applied to transactions for any customer.

  9. Check the Inactive box if you want to make the promotion inactive but not deleted. If this box is checked the promotion will not be available for selection on a transaction.

  10. Check the Display line discounts box if you want the following:

    • the discount for this promotion to show as a line item on transactions

    • to display strikethrough pricing in the shopping cart on web store orders

    If you clear this box, the promotion discount will be shown only in the transaction-level total.

    A flat rate promotion code applies to the entire order.

    You must select items on the Items subtab of the promotion to use line discounts.


    If you use line discount promotions, when you apply the promotion to a transaction, you must click Calculate to create the discount line before saving the transaction.

    When you apply promotions to sales transactions, the correct discount appears in the Discount field on transactions. You can change or remove the discount from a transaction.

  11. Enter coupon code details for this promotion. For more information, see Associating Coupon Codes With a Standard Promotion.

  12. Enter details of any items that will be discounted with this promotion. For more information, see Discounting Items With Standard Promotions.

  13. Enter details of specific partners that are eligible for this promotion. For more information, see Associating Partners With a Standard Promotion.

  14. Click Save. You can also do one of the following:

    • Click Save & New to save the form and create a new promotion.

    • Click Save & Copy to save the form and create a new promotion with the same data.

Standard Promotion Example

Flat Rate Discount on a Specific Item if Minimum Order Amount is Met

  • Description – Customers are eligible for a $5 off T–shirts when they spend $20 or more.

  • Tagline – Spend $20, and get $5 off T-shirts!

What the customer needs to buy

The following table shows how to set up the Buy conditions for this type of promotion.



Minimum Order Amount


What the customer will get

The following table shows how to set up the Get conditions for this type of promotion.



Discount Type


Discount Rate


On the Items subtab in the Items list


Examples of the discount provided

The following table shows examples of the discount that this type of promotion provides when various quantities of items are added to a transaction.

What the customer buys

Price before discount


Price after discount

1 T-shirt




1 dress




1 T-shirt, 1 dress


$5 ($5 off the T-shirt)


4 T-shirts, 1 dress


$20 ($5 off each T-shirt)