Creating Item-Based Shipping Advanced Promotions

You can create item-based promotions that provide shipping discounts on certain shipping methods. In this way, your customers can use a coupon code that applies discounted shipping costs to an item on the order. You can also create a coupon code that ships a particular item on an order for free, different from the rest of the items in the order.


You can have only one shipping discount per promotion. You can select either a shipping discount or item-specific free shipping. You cannot stack multiple shipping discounts on one promotion.

To create an item-based shipping promotion:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Marketing > Promotions > New.

  2. Select Item-Based Promotions from the Standard Promotions and Advanced Promotions category.

  3. Enter the primary information for this promotion, see Advanced Promotions Primary Information.

  4. On the Codes subtab, set up the coupon codes for the promotion. For more information, see Associating Coupon Codes With an Advanced Promotion.

  5. On the Eligibility subtab, set up the eligibility criteria for the promotion. For more information, see Setting Up Promotion Eligibility for Advanced Promotions.

  6. Click the Discount subtab.

  7. In the Add Shipping Discount field, select one of the following:

  8. If you use a saved search, you can preview a list of items associated with the shipping method you selected.

  9. Click Save.

New Shipping Discount

Choose this option to apply a shipping discount to the shipping methods you choose. You can enter the discounted shipping amount or enter a discount percentage.

To add a new shipping discount:

  1. Choose Percent Off or Set Amount.

    If you enter a percentage, the shipping amount is discounted by this percentage. If you enter a currency amount, this is used as the shipping amount.

  2. Select one or more Shipping Methods.

  3. Click Save.


This discount applies to the order only if the shipping method selected on the promotion matches the shipping method on the transaction.

New Item Specific Free Shipping

Choose this option to assign free shipping to certain items on the order. Your customers can purchase items using a coupon code that ships an item for free, different from the rest of the items in the order. For example, you can configure a promotion code so that a customer can purchase Items X, Y, and Z, where item Z is shipped for free.

The Exclude Item From Rate Request column on the Items subtab lets you exclude line items from the shipping cost calculation when the box is checked. After an item-specific free shipping promotion is applied to a transaction, the box is checked for the line item that is to receive free shipping. This column is shown on the Items subtab by default on the standard sales order form. When using a customized sales order form, make sure this column is added.

To add item specific free shipping:

  1. Select an item in the Item list.

  2. Select one or more Shipping Methods to offer for free with this item.

  3. Click Save to add the item and associated free shipping method to the list on the Discount subtab.

Customers can use the coupon code associated with this promotion to order the item free of shipping charge.

Select Item Saved Search for Free Shipping

This option applies a free shipping method to a set of items returned in saved search results.

To create a free shipping promotion for items in a saved search:

  1. Select an Item Saved Search from the list. Only saved searches that you already created and marked public appear in the list.

  2. Select one or more Shipping Methods.

  3. Click Save.

For shipping promotions based on saved search results, click the link in the preview column to see the list of items selected for the free shipping promotion.