Creating SuitePromotions

With SuitePromotions you can offer your customers a wide range of promotions that benefit from all the Enhancements Introduced in SuitePromotions.

SuitePromotion Types

SuitePromotions let you offer your customers the following types of promotion:

The basic workflow for creating SuitePromotions is as follows:

Each type of Suite Promotion follows the same workflow. You select the promotion type, enter basic properties and scheduling information, enter the Buy conditions, specify further Get conditions, and finally create a coupon code. The main variation in the process occurs when applying the Get conditions available, which differ depending on the type of promotion.

The promotion records for all SuitePromotions contain the following sections:

Each section is identical for each Suite promotion type with the exception of the What the Customer Needs to Buy and What the Customer Will Get sections.