Creating Standard Promotions

You can continue to create and apply standard promotions to a transaction, but remember they are not compatible with the Enhancements Introduced in SuitePromotions. For more information, see Migrating to SuitePromotions.

The standard promotion record contains the following sections:

For details regarding how to create a standard promotion, see Creating a Standard Promotion.

Standard Promotions Primary Information

This section provides the majority of details needed to set up the promotion, excluding those pertaining to coupon codes, and items or specific partners that will receive the discount.



Custom Form

Select the promotion type. You can select one of the Suite promotion types (item, order, or shipping) or the Standard Promotion Code Form.


Enter a name for the promotion.

Start Date

Enter the date from when the promotion is valid.

End Date

Enter the date after which the promotion is no longer valid.

Discount Item for Accounting

Select the discount item from the list. The account on the discount item is impacted by the promotion’s discount. This field is mandatory but only required for accounting purposes.


Select this option to give the customer a percentage off the order.


Select this option to give the customer a flat rate discount off the order.

Discount Rate

Enter the amount to be discounted. This will either be a percentage or a currency amount depending on the type of discount selected with the previous options.

Each Customer Can use the Promotion

Select how many times a customer can use this promotion. Select from:

  • One time only

  • Unlimited amount of times

Free Shipping Method

Select a shipping method here to create a free shipping promotion.

Minimum Order Amount

Enter the amount that the customer must spend before the promotion becomes valid.

If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, a subtab appears where you can set a different minimum order amount for each currency in which you do business.


Enter a description of the promotion.


Limit the eligibility of the promotion to one or more locations by entering the name of each location in this field. For more information, see Setting Where Promotions Can Be Used.

Available to All Customers

Check this box if you want this promotion's coupon codes to be able to be applied to transactions for any customer, even if a specific partner or marketing campaign has been designated for this promotion. If you prefer to make the promotion available to only a specific partner or marketing campaign, clear this box.


Check this box to make this promotion inactive but not deleted. The promotion will not be available for selection on a transaction.

Display Line Discounts

Check this box if you want the following:

  • the discount for this promotion to show as a line item on transactions

  • to display strikethrough pricing in the shopping cart on web store orders


When the Display Line Discounts box is checked, the discount total will not be shown in the order summary. When the box is cleared, the promotion discount will be shown only in the transaction-level total.

If there are no items on the Items subtab, the promotion will be applied at the transaction level, regardless of whether the Display Line Discounts box is checked or not.

Associating Coupon Codes With a Standard Promotion

The Coupon Codes subtab is where you choose how many times your coupon codes can be used and where you import or generate coupon codes.

To add coupon codes:

On the Coupon Codes subtab:

  1. In the Coupon Code Type field, choose whether the coupon code for this promotion can be used more than one time (Multiple Uses), or can only be used one time (Single Use).

  2. If you are entering a multi-use coupon code, enter the code in the Coupon Code field.

  3. If you are entering single-use coupon codes, do one of the following:

    • Select a CSV file to import

    • Enter a code pattern and the number of codes you want to generate

For more information regarding coupon codes, see Coupon Codes.

Discounting Items With Standard Promotions

If you are associating a discount with a standard promotion and want the discount to apply only to certain items, select those items on the Items subtab.

To add a discount to specific items:

  1. Click the Items subtab.

  2. Click Add Multiple to select multiple items at the same time and add them to this list.

    When you attach items to a promotion with a discount, the code acts as an item coupon. Customers receive the discount only if they purchase the associated item or items.

  3. You can also use this subtab to exclude items that you do not want to discount. Check the Exclude Items box to have the promotion and discount apply to all items except those you select here.

    Line discount promotions must include items on the Items subtab.

Associating Partners With a Standard Promotion

If a customer is associated with a partner, only that partner's promotions are available to the customer. Consider the following:

  • A promotion can be created without associating it with a partner, making that promotion available to all customers not associated with a partner.

  • A promotion can be added to a partner record, making that promotion available to all customers associated with that partner.

  • Partners can be named on a promotion record, making that promotion available to only those customers associated with those partners.

    You can assign promotional discounts and associate them with partners. When you create sales transactions for customers tied to a partner, you can apply that partner's promotions. If you apply a promotion that has a discount attached to it, that discount appears in the Discount field and is deducted from the total.

The Partners subtab is where you choose specific partners to be associated with the promotion.

To add Partners to a promotion:

  1. Click the Partners subtab.

  2. In the Partner column, select a partner from the list you want to associate with this promotion.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Repeat these steps for each partner you want to associate with this promotion.

  5. Click Save.

Now, you can assign this promotion to lead, prospect, and customer records.


Make sure the Available to all customers box on the promotion form is not selected If you wish to make the promotion available to a specific partner. For more information, see Standard Promotions Primary Information.