Saved Search Performance



When you use an item saved search to define item eligibility on SuitePromotions, the Saved Search Preferences subtab appears on the promotion record. Here you can configure the way that the promotion handles saved searches. The options provide you with a choice between better performance or more accurate results.

Saved searches are cached periodically to update the items included. This also ensures the data is retrieved quickly every time a promotion that uses saved searches is evaluated on a transaction. If however, you have a saved search that is linked to an inventory that frequently changes, it is possible that recent updates to this inventory are not taken into consideration when a promotion is evaluated. In such cases, it may be worth considering not relying on the cached version of the saved search.

You can select one of the following saved search options for each promotion:

  • Use cached saved search – provides better performance as results are returned faster whenever the promotion is applied to a transaction. This is the default behavior.

  • Run saved search each time the promotion is applied – uses the most up to date version of the saved search possible, but results are generated slower.

The frequency that saved searches are cached is illustrated in the following diagram.

When a new promotion is created, the caching process automatically runs after the promotion is saved. Then, for example, if a customer makes a purchase less than 24 hours but more than four hours after caching the saved search, the cached data is used and a new caching process is queued. If a customer makes a purchase more than 24 hours after the last cache, the cached data is not used, a new search on the transaction is initialized, and a new caching process is queued.