Transaction Creation Process

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This section describes the process by which SCIS Fallback Transaction records and corresponding cash sale transactions are created in NetSuite.

Each SCIS Fallback Transaction record in NetSuite represents an order entered in Fallback. This custom record is created by a scheduled script that runs every 15 minutes. The script also creates a corresponding final NetSuite transaction.

SCIS Fallback Transaction

Use SCIS Fallback Transactions to view details about each order, such as items sold, and the payment method used on the order.

Each SCIS Fallback Transaction record includes a link to the following linked Fallback records:

  • SCIS Fallback Line – This record contains information from each line in the order that was submitted using Fallback.

  • SCIS Fallback Payment – This record contains the payment information from the order submitted in Fallback.

  • SCIS Fallback Notes – If the sales associate added a note to the transaction entered in Fallback, the note appears here.

  • Final NetSuite Transaction – This is the cash sale in NetSuite that corresponds to the Fallback Transaction. The NetSuite transaction only appears after the transaction creation process is complete, and has successfully created the transaction. However, a link to a final NetSuite transaction may not appear on the SCIS Fallback Transaction record for the following reasons:

    • The transaction creation process has not completed. In this case, the Status on the SCIS Fallback Transaction is Waiting to write transaction data.

    • The transaction creation process has failed to create the NetSuite transaction. In this case, the Status on the SCIS Fallback Transaction is Failed to create Cash Sale.

Final NetSuite Transaction

During the transaction creation process, a cash sale transaction record is created for each SCIS Fallback Transaction record without any interaction from an administrator. NetSuite transactions created from Fallback Transactions include the following information on the SCIS Fallback Transaction subtab:

  • Fallback Transaction – Shows a link to the related SCIS Fallback Transaction.

  • Sales Date – Shows the date and time the transaction was submitted in Fallback.

  • Reconciliation Status – Shows the Fallback Consolidation Status.