Managed Bundle Updates of SCIS

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After the SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp is installed for the first time in your account, periodically there will be updates to the SuiteApp. Updates to SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) happen automatically in your account. These updates are delivered by a phased release process, similar to the release process for NetSuite upgrades. You will receive an email notification before any major update.

If the managed bundle update fails, you can run a script to identify required features and settings that may not be enabled. For information, read Identifying Required Features and Settings for SCIS.

Read the following topics to learn more about managed bundle updates to SCIS:

Resetting Touch Points for a New Version


You must reset the touch point after each update to a new version.

To reset the touch point after a managed bundle update:

  1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

  2. Edit your SCIS website.

  3. On the Touch Points subtab, set the View Homepage touch point to SuiteCommerce InStore.

  4. Click Save.

Efix Releases

Efix releases happen periodically. These are typically, minor releases that include bug fixes and patches. If the efix impacts any configurations that you may have in your account, only then will you receive an email notification prior to the efix release.

Phased Release Process for SCIS

A new version of SCIS is released twice each year. The new version of SCIS is delivered to groups of customers in phases over a period of two months. You will receive an email notification before SCIS is updated to the new version in your account. The email message includes the date and time when your account will be updated, and may include required actions for administrators to perform in preparation for the new version of SCIS.

The new version of SCIS is available on sandbox prior to the date when your account is updated in production. On sandbox, you can test new features using your own data and business processes. For more information, read Working with SCIS on Sandbox.

The following is recommended when a new version of SCIS is available in your sandbox account:

  • Continue to use the production account to run daily business processes.

  • Use the Sandbox account to learn about new features and to test the upcoming release.

After the new version has been available in sandbox for approximately two weeks, updates to customer accounts begin in phases. Contact your NetSuite representative for more information about your account.

Identifying Required Features and Settings for SCIS

You can run a script that identifies features and settings that may have caused installation failure. Use the NetSuite debugger to run the script.

To generate a list of required features and settings:

  1. Copy the script displayed in the SCIS_CheckRequiredFeatures.js file in the NetSuite file cabinet at Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - POS > SuiteCommerce InStore > scripts. You can use the Search box in the File Cabinet to locate the file.

  2. Go to Customization > Scripting > Script Debugger.

  3. Enter the SuiteScript Debugger domain (by clicking the link as indicated) and then re-enter your login credentials if prompted.

  4. Set the API Version to 1.0.

  5. Paste the script code into the debugger.

  6. Click Debug Script and then click Continue.

If there are features required for SCIS that are not enabled in your account, they will be listed at the bottom of the page.