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The process for setting up all domain types is the same in NetSuite. However, the information you enter in the domain setup form is different depending on the domain type you select.

To set up a domain:

  1. Go to Setup > > Domains > New.

  2. Select the domain type you want to create from the Domain Type list. The options are:

    • Single Domain for Web Store and Checkout

    • Web Store Only

    • Checkout Only

    • Hosted Web Page

    • Redirect URL

    • Promotional URL

    • E-mail Campaign


    You can also open the domains list or add a new domain from the Web Site Setup record.

  3. Enter the Domain Name. It can contain a maximum 64 characters.

    The CNAME (ALIAS) populates automatically using the domain name.

    Use the value in this field to configure DNS settings with your domain name provider. You can do this at any point in the domain setup process. For more information, see Point your Domain Name at your Domain (DNS Settings).

  4. The selected domain type determines which of the following fields are visible on the domain setup form. Fill in all visible fields as follows:

    • Web Site - select the website for the domain name.

    • Hosting Root - select Live Hosting Files.

      You can select Hosting Root folders other than Live Hosting Files. For example, if you are setting up a domain for a test site, select Staging. For information about:

    • Use CDN Cache - select this to enable caching of your Commerce web store assets on the Content Delivery Network (CDN). This optimizes your website and decreases page-loading time.

      Prior to choosing CDN for checkout, you should review the information about prerequisites, caching, and IP address ranges in CDN Caching for Secure Domains. For more information, see CDN Caching and Configure CDN Caching.


      CDN is not available for Site Builder domains.

    • (Optional) Site Maintenance Domain - select a custom site maintenance domain you want to use. For more information about setting up a custom site maintenance page and domain, see Custom Site Maintenance Page.

    • (Optional) Not-Found Page - select the hosted page where customers are directed if they navigate to an inactive page. By default, customers are redirected to your home page.

      Begin by entering the page name and then press Tab or click the down arrow for a list.

    • Home Page - If you are setting up a Hosted Web Page domain, select the file from your File Cabinet that the domain name should point to.

    • Redirect URL - If you are setting up a Redirect URL domain:

      • Enter the Redirect URL to which to redirect visitors on your site.

      • (Optional) Include File Path and Parameters in the Redirect - check this if you want to preserve the original path requested by the website visitor when redirecting them to the Redirect URL domain.

        Checking this box means that redirects to

        Not checking this box means that redirects to

  5. If you want to secure your domain with an SSL certificate, complete the steps in Secure Your Domain. If you do not want to secure your domain, or if you are setting up a Promotional URL or an E-mail Campaign domain, complete the steps in Deploy your Domain.

Secure Your Domain

View the Secure your Website Domain video

You can secure the following domain types:

  • Single Domain for Web Store and Checkout

  • Web Store Only

  • Checkout Only

  • Hosted Web Page

  • Redirect URL


If the domain name is the same as a previously deleted secure domain, and the certificate belonging to the previous domain is still valid, the old certificate is automatically used to secure the new domain you are setting up. You can view the details of the certificate in the Certificate section. If you do not want to use the old certificate, you can change it by clicking Change Certificate.

To secure your domain:

  1. Click Use SSL Certificate to Secure Domain.

    All certificate-related fields become visible.


    Use SSL Certificate to Secure Domain is not available if you are setting up a Single Domain for Web Store and Checkout or Checkout Only domain. These domain types must always be secure so all certificate-related fields are displayed by default.

  2. If you want Oracle NetSuite to obtain a Domain Validated (DV) certificate for your domain, check the box next to confirm acceptance of the automatic certificate terms and conditions.

    Automatic certificates are provided at no extra cost and are maintenance free because Oracle NetSuite handles the renewal process.

  3. If you want to obtain a certificate from your preferred certificate authority (CA), follow the procedure in Manual Certificates.


    If you are migrating an existing web store to NetSuite, using an automatic certificate can cause it to become unavailable temporarily. To avoid down time, use a manual certificate to secure the domain at the time of migration. If you want to switch to an automatic certificate when the manual certificate expires, check Switch to Automatic Certification when Manual Certificate Expires. The switch will take place automatically with no down time.

Your certificate file is now associated with your domain. The next step is to deploy your domain.

Deploy your Domain

The final step in setting up the domain is to deploy it.

To deploy your domain:

  1. Click Save.

    Typical deployments go live in about 90 minutes. In exceptional circumstances, it can take up to 6 hours. You can track progress using the Deployment Status, which changes automatically as the deployment and DNS propagation proceeds.

    The possible Deployment Status values are:

    • Live – Deployment successful, all processes complete.

    • Deployment in progress – DNS propagation underway.

    • Pending - Waiting for certificate upload.

    • Removing – DNS switched to new provider, old provider being removed.

    • Failed – Deployment failed.


    You cannot make any changes to the domain settings until the deployment is complete.

  2. If you have not done so already, visit your domain provider's website to complete the task of setting up a CNAME record. For more information, see Point your Domain Name at your Domain (DNS Settings).

After you enter your domain name in NetSuite and configure DNS with your domain provider, your domain name begins redirecting to your website. The time it takes for your web store to go live on your domain depends on your domain provider. Typically, redirection takes place from 2 – 48 hours after completing the setup.