Step 2: New Activation

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

The New Activation page lets you select the site and domain where you want to activate themes and extensions.

If the domain you choose is a SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) domain, you can also select a subsidiary and location.


This step is only necessary during the initial activation for a domain. To edit activations for an existing domain, go back to Step 1: Manage Activations.

To select a site and domain:

  1. Select the site that you want to manage from the Select a Web Site list. This field is required.

  2. Select the domain you want to manage from the Select a Domain list. This field is required.


    All activations are managed by domain.

  3. If you are activating themes and extensions on an SCIS domain:

    1. Select the subsidiary from the Select Subsidiary list.

    2. Select the location from the Select Location list.


    If you leave either of these fields blank, your activation applies to all subsidiaries or all locations, as applicable.

  4. Click Next to select themes and extensions for the domain, or click Cancel to abort the activation process. Proceed to Step 3: Select Themes and Extensions.


    If you choose a domain that already has themes and extensions activated, you can edit or update the current activations as if you edited the activation in Step 1.