Aconcagua R2 Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced

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The following release notes apply to the Aconcagua R2 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced only. This version includes the following enhancements:


This release is available as an update to the existing Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced. If you are working with the existing Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, this update overwrites content in the Development folder in the NetSuite File Cabinet. If you have previously deployed customizations to the Development folder, you must manually migrate any customizations you may already have in place to the new source code directory. For implementations prior to the Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, migration to this latest version requires a re-implementation.

Added Environment.Component to Extensibility API

With this release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, a new component is available using the Extensibility API. Environment.Component  provides access to information about the SuiteCommerce environment, such as configuration details, site settings, and user session details.

For more information on this component, see Environment.

Backbone Version Change

The original Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced included Backbone.js version 1.3.3.

At the Aconcaua R2 release of SCA, we rolled back to Backbone.js 1.2.2 to solve an issue where customers were incorrectly redirected to the Home page while adding items to a Request for Quote.

Issue Fixes

This release includes fixes for the following issues:


Issue Description

Modules Updated

No Results Display When Searching Within a Category

If a user has selected one ore more facets and searches for a product using the site search, the application searches without taking into account the selected facets.



Search Not Working on Home Page and PDP

When using the site search from the Home Page or the Product Details Page, item searches do not display in the search results.



Log In Page Loading When Session Expired on Password-Protected Site

When implementing a password-protected site, the site redirects users to a login page when the session expires. In some cases, the login page keeps refreshing continually, preventing users from logging in.


Checkout is Not Scrolling to Display Error Message

In Checkout, if a user has not chosen a shipping method, the application does not scroll the page up to view the error message to alert the user.


Error When Combining Free Gift Promotions

When adding two promotions for a free gift, some users do not see an extra free gift added to the cart.


No Image or Incorrect Image Displayed in Social Media Sites

When sharing a link in a Facebook post, no image, or an incorrect image appears in Facebook Share.


Content Duplicates on Multiple Landing Pages

When adding content using Site Management Tools for a content area of type: This Page, the content is duplicated across all created landing pages. The actual result should only affect the specific landing page where the content was placed.


Items are Not Showing on Review and Submit Pages

When using the Pick-up In Store feature, some items do not appear on the Review and Submit page. The pages display the error:

Multi-location Inventory Error (MLI_LOCATION_REQUIRED): this transaction or its items must have locations.


Unable to Edit the Quantity and Item Option Together

When users edit an order in Checkout and change both an item option and a quantity together, the item option does not change throughout the entire checkout process.