System Email Templates for Web Stores

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System email templates are commonly used for system-automated email in NetSuite and can also be used for web store email. System email templates are highly customizable and give you good control over the appearance and content of email sent from your web store. For example, you can customize how ordered items are displayed and you can add product pictures.

System email templates are a good choice if you have the Multi-Language feature enabled because you can set up multiple language versions of the same email template without needing to create individual templates for each language. Web store users receive the email message in their preferred language.

System email templates have a preview facility that enables you to see what the email will look like when it is sent to the web store customer. In the preview page, you can choose the website from which the email is sent, the language in which it is sent, and other key details, resulting in a preview that is an accurate representation of the email the web store customer will receive. For more information, see Preview System Email Templates.

The following default email templates are available for web store email messages at Setup > Company > Company Management > System Email Templates. They are mobile-friendly and are available in all languages supported by NetSuite:

  • Template Category: Web Site Order Notifications

    • Standard Web Site Order Received

    • Standard Web Site Order Canceled

    • Standard Web Site Order Approved

    • Standard Web Site Order Fulfilled

  • Template Category: Web Site Digital Delivery Notifications

    • Standard Web Site Gift Certificate

    • Standard Web Site Gift Certificate Confirmation

    • Standard Web Site Download Available

    • Standard Web Site License Code

  • Template Category: Web Site Other Notifications

    • Standard Web Site Checkout Errors

    • Standard Web Site Password Recovery

    • Standard Web Site Registration Confirmation


If you wish to use standard system email templates for your web store email messages, you should create copies of them and customize them as needed. Do not use the original default templates as these may be updated in future releases.

System email templates were automatically created using the content from any web store email templates and customized text groups that were selected on the Web Site Setup page at the time of the upgrade to 2018.2. You can also manually initiate the creation of system email templates from web store email templates and customized text groups; see Create System Email Templates from Web Store Email Templates and Create System Email Templates from Customized Text Groups for details.

On the Web Site Setup page, you can select system email templates, including those created using content from web store email templates and customized text groups, for email messages sent from the web store. See Select Email Templates for your Web Site for more information. The creation of system email templates from web store email templates and customized text groups does not affect the existing email settings. If a web store template or customized text group is selected for a particular email, it remains selected. You may select the newly created system email template on the Web Site Setup record when you are ready to do so.


Web store email templates support only one language. If you choose to use a system email template that was created from a web store email template, you should ensure that, at a minimum, the template has text available in your company default language.