Best Practices for Defining Search Synonyms

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

The following list contains best practices for defining Search Synonyms:

  • If Google Analytics is enabled in your account, you can see analysis of the search terms used by your shoppers. You can then identify frequently used terms that return no results. You can use this data to include synonyms for unproductive search terms that should return related products from your catalog.

  • Test a few synonyms on Sandbox or a Test Site to see how the addition of search synonyms affects the relevance of your search results.

  • Synonyms applies for your entire product catalog. Therefore, define fewer synonyms that return relevant results rather than an exhaustive list of possible synonyms.

  • If you use multiple websites or multiple languages, create multiple sets of synonyms to address the relevant customer base. For example, since different terms are used to describe the same item in American and British English, you can define such terms as synonyms for your US and UK websites.