Enter an Order in Fallback

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SuiteCommerce InStore


The following instructions include operations commonly performed in the shopping cart such as adding items, applying discounts, and selecting a payment option.

To enter an order in Fallback:

  1. (Optional) Assign a sales rep to the order.

    Use the same procedure in Fallback as you use in SCIS online. For more information, read Selecting a Sales Representative.

  2. (Optional) Assign a customer to the order.

    For more information, read Assign a Customer to an Order in Fallback.

  3. Add items to the cart.

    To add items to an order, use the QuickAdd bar, a barcode scanner, or find the item using search. For step-by-step instructions on adding items to an order, read Adding Items to a Sales Transaction in SCIS

  4. (Optional) Add a discount to the line item or to the whole order.


    Use a custom discount instead of a promotion code. Promo codes are not supported in Fallback.

    1. Touch or click the line item price to apply a discount to an item in the cart. Touch or click the subtotal of the transaction to apply a discount to the entire order.

    2. In the Select Discount window, touch or click Custom Discount.

    3. Enter the discount as a percentage, flat rate discount, or enter a new price for the item. Then choose one of the predefined reasons for the custom discount.

      If you choose custom reason, enter the reason in the text box. For example, you may be entering a custom discount because promotion codes are not supported in Fallback. In the text box, you might type, “Replacing Promo Code X."

    4. Touch or click Apply.

  5. (Optional) Add a note to the order.

    Touch or click the note icon under the line item or below the payment options. For more information, read Adding Notes to Items and Transactions in SCIS.

  6. Select a payment method.


    Some of the payment methods that you use in SCIS, may not be available in Fallback. The system administrator is responsible for setting up payment methods that can be used in Fallback.

    The following payment methods are supported in Fallback:


You must complete orders in either SCIS or Fallback. Do not start an order in SCIS, and then switch to Fallback to complete the order.