Apply Best Seller Sorting in the Web Store

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


You can use the Best Sellers extension in several ways in your web store:

  • Sort option for product lists

  • Facet for filtering product list pages

  • Selection criteria for product merchandising rules

Best Sellers in Product Lists

When you have set up best sellers as a sort field for your web store, you can use it for sorting your product list page.

To include best seller sorting in your product list page:

  1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. Select your website and domain and click Continue.

  3. In the Search tab, Results Sorting subtab, in the ID column, enter the field ID of the best seller sort option you want to display in your web store for Desktop, Phone and Tablet screen formats and the sort order.

    For example, custitem_ns-sc_ext-ts-30–amount:asc for best sellers from the last 30 days, sorted in ascending order.

    For a list of the sort options available, see the Best Seller Fields table.

  4. Enter the text you want to display for the sort option in the Name field and click Add.

  5. Click Save.

Best Sellers as Facets

You can access a product list page containing only best-selling items by setting up the best seller field as a facet and using it as a URL parameter. For example, For more information on using facet fields as URL parameters, see Facets as Parameters

Best Sellers in Product Merchandising Zones

You can also use best seller sorting in a merchandising rule to feature your best sellers more prominently in a merchandising zone.

To do this, you first must create a merchandising rule. For more information on how to set up merchandising rules, see Product Merchandising.

When you have created a best sellers merchandising rule, you can then add a merchandising zone with this rule to your website using Site Management Tools. For more information, read Merchandising Zone Content.