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The SuiteCommerce Product Feeds extension SuiteApp includes the Promotion Feed record that enables you to incorporate NetSuite promotions data in the Google product feed for use in Merchant Promotions as part of Google Shopping ads.

Promotion Feed Overview

The Promotion Feed uses the Product Feed and Promotion Feed records to collect the necessary data for export. The mechanism for obtaining the data included in the promotion feed is identical to that of the Product Feed, with additional promotional information retrieved by the Promotion Feed record. See Product Feed Overview.

You create a Promotion Feed record where you specify the promotions you want to include in the feed. You then link to this record when you create the product feed. When you generate the product feed, the product feed generator retrieves the data for the promotions indicated in the Promotion Feed record.

Promotions included as part of the promotions feed must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a SuitePromotions item promotion. For more information on setting up item promotions in NetSuite, see Creating SuitePromotions

  • Use the default Item Promotion form

  • Have no specific items in the Buy conditions

  • Be available to all customers. Promotions limited to specific customers are not supported

  • Be available to all sales channels. Promotions limited to specific locations are not supported

  • Be applicable to the website selected in the product feed rec

  • Adhere to Google Merchant Promotions requirements. See Google Merchant Promotions Program Policy and Editorial Guidelines

For more information on considerations to bear in mind before creating a promotion feed, see Before You Begin.

The steps for creating a Google product feed with Merchant Promotions are the following:

  1. Create the Promotion Feed record

  2. Select the promotions to be included

  3. Create the Product Feed record

  4. Select the Product Feed type

  5. Restrict the items to be returned

  6. Determine the fields to be returned

  7. Select the Promotion Feed record

  8. Generate the feed

Create a Promotion Feed Record

The Promotion Feed record creates a link to the Promotion record. The product feed generator uses the Promotion Feed record to get the promotion data associated with the items retrieved in the feed.

To create a new promotion feed record:

  1. Go to Lists > Feeds > Promotion Feeds > New.

  2. In the Name field, enter a title to help you identify the promotion feed.

    This is particularly useful if you need to create several promotion feeds to separate your items into smaller product feeds.

  3. In the Feed Description field, you can add a detailed description of the promotion feed.

  4. In the Promotions Included tab, select all the promotions you want to include in the feed.

    The promotions are identified by the Coupon Code. Select the coupon code in the field and click Add.

  5. In the Linked Promotion tab, select all the promotions you want to include in the feed.

    The promotions are identified by the Coupon Code. Select the coupon code in the field and click Add.

  6. Click Save.

Create a Product Feed Record

The next step in creating a promotion feed is to create a Google product feed. To do this, you select Google Product Feed as the feed type, and then select either the default saved search for Google product feeds and enter your specific criteria, or select an existing saved search that has been defined for Google product feeds.

For more information, read Create a Product Feed.

Link the Promotion Feed Record

You need to associate the Promotion Feed record with the Product Feed record so that the required information can be retrieved from the Promotion records and included in the product feed output with the corresponding Google Merchant promotion attributes.

To associate the promotion feed with the Google product feed:

  1. Create a new product feed and select Google product feed as the feed type.

    See Create a Product Feed.

  2. In the Saved Search field, select the default Google feed item search or create a new saved search to map NetSuite fields to Google attributes.

    See Set Product Feed Attributes.

  3. Determine the feed generation settings in the Feed Schedule section.

  4. In the Promotion Feed Configuration, select the promotion feed record you created.

  5. Click Save.

Generate the Promotion Feed

When you have created the Promotion Feed and Product Feed records, linked the Promotion Feed on the Product Feed record, and saved the settings, you can generate the promotion feed. You generate it in the same way as the product feed by either setting an interval or clicking Generate Feed Now. For more information, see Generate the Product Feed.

You can access the link to the promotion feed from the Promotion Feed record.