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The Featured Product extension lets you highlight a recommended product on your website in a featured section. You can customize the appearance and the behavior of the Featured Product section. You can display the item's availability and price, and add a ribbon to the product. You can display the product image or upload a new image to be shown.


Commerce extensions are only available if provisioned, installed, and activated for a selected domain in your account. For more information, see Commerce Extensions.


Extensions require SuiteCommerce or the Aconcagua release of SCA or later.

When you enter a product ID, the product information is retrieved from the Item record. You can choose to hide or show the product’s availability.

You can use the product image taken directly from the Item record or upload a new image. If there are multiple images associated with the Item record, the first image is displayed. Your theme’s image placeholder is used if there are no images in the Item record or if you have entered the ID of a matrix child item.

If you make pricing information available to all customers, the item’s price is also shown. For matrix items with different prices, a price range is displayed.

You can add a featured product to multiple areas on your website using Site Management Tools. For more information on Site Management Tools, see Site Management Tools Overview.

To add a featured product:

  1. Go to the page where you want to add a featured product.

  2. Click Add on the Site Management toolbar.

  3. Drag the Featured Product content type to the page.


    If you do not see this content type, check that the extension has been installed and is active. Click the Settings button on the Site Management toolbar to access the Content Manager. Drag the content type from the Inactive Content Types list to the Active Content Type list.

    You can drag the Featured Product content type to multiple areas on the page:

    • If you drag it to an area marked as all pages, then the content displays on any page that contains that area.

    • If you drag it to an area marked as page type, then the content displays on any page of that type.

    • If you drag it to an area marked as this page, then the content displays only on the page that you add it to.

  4. In the Product ID field, enter the item ID.

    This is the internal ID of the item record. To get the ID, go to Lists > Accounting > Items and view the Item record.

    When you enter a valid item ID, the product name, image, price, and availability is displayed in the page preview.

    This field is required to display Featured Product on your website.


    With Featured Product, you can only feature one item at a time. If you want to feature more than one item, create a special commerce category for the items you want to display and use the Featured Category extension. See Featured Category.

  5. Check the Hide Product Price box if you do not want to display the item’s price.

    If you have set up your website to restrict pricing to registered users and do not check this box, the item’s price is only displayed when the user is logged in.

  6. Check the Hide Product Availability box if you do not want to display the item’s stock availability.

    If you have set up your web store to show products when out of stock and do not check this box, the item is displayed as out of stock.

    If you have set up your web store to hide products when out of stock, the Featured Product section is not displayed.

  7. Use the Change Image field to override the item’s image.

    Click No File Chosen to upload a new image using the Image Manager.


    This overrides the image setting in Featured Product only. It does not change the image associated with the Item record.

  8. In Ribbon Text, enter the text to be displayed on the image.

    For example, you can use this field to add the text “special offer”. The ribbon style is taken from your theme.

    If you leave this field blank, the ribbon does not appear.

  9. In the Button Text field, customize the text that appears on the button.

    The button links to the product page. The default value is Open Product Page.

  10. Select the type of button you want to use in the Button Style field.

    The button definition is taken from your theme.

  11. Use the Tags field to enter keywords that help you filter your content in the Review Changes list.

    See Content Tags and Filter Tools.

  12. Click Save.

If you have not published your featured product and you decided to remove it, you can discard it. If you have already published your featured product, you can remove it directly from the page where it is located. For more information on the differences between discarding or expiring content, see Discard Content Vs Expiring Content.

To discard the featured product:

  1. Go to the Review & Publish Changes list.

  2. Select the Featured Product content in the list.

  3. Click Discard.

  4. Click OK.

To remove the featured product:

  1. Go to the page that contains the featured product you want to remove.

  2. Click the Featured Product box.

    This highlights it and displays the content controls.

  3. Click Remove.

  4. Click OK.

To change the product image:

  1. Go to the page that contains the featured product .

  2. Click the Featured Product box, and then click the Settings button.

    This displays the Featured Product settings in the side panel.

  3. Click Remove Image and then click No File Chosen to select another image.

  4. Click Save.