Set Up the SCDeployer Role Manually

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


If you are implementing the Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced and earlier, you must create the SCDeployer role manually.

If you do not have the SCDeployer role in your NetSuite account, perform the following steps:

Create the SCDeployer Role

To create a SCDeployer role:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New.

  2. Fill in the Role record as described in the Customizing or Creating NetSuite Roles topic.

    Include the following changes:

    • In the Name field, title the role SCDeployer.

    • In the ID field, enter _sc_deployer.

    • In the Two-Factor Authentication Required field, select Not required.

    • On the Permission tab, add the following permissions:





      Documents and Files


      Custom Record Entries


      Website (External) Publisher



      Allow JS/HTML Uploads


      Custom Lists


      Set Up Web Site




      Web Services


  3. Save the Role record.

  4. Assign the SCDeployer role to the Employee record for each person requiring developer access to NetSuite. See Assign the SCDeployer Role to an Employee Record for more information.

  5. If necessary, prepare the developer tools to allow NetSuite access using the SCDeployer Role. See Prepare Developer Tools for more information.

Edit Script Deployment Records

As part of the manual role set up, you must also manually edit your account’s Script Deployment records.

To edit Script Deployment records:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments.

  2. Set the following filters:

    • Type: RESTlet

    • API Version: 1.0

  3. Add the SCDeployer role to Roles list on the Audience tab for each of the following Script Deployment records, depending on your implementation:

    SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce Advanced (Aconcagua and Later), SCIS (2018.2 and later):

    Edit each of the following Script Deployment records.

    • customdeploy_ext_mech_extension_service

    • customdeploy_ext_mech_file_service

    • customdeploy_ext_mech_skin_service

    • customdeploy_ext_mech_web_service_rest

    SuiteCommerce Advanced and Site Builder Extensions (Kilimanjaro release and Earlier):

    Edit the script associated with your implementation.

    • customdeploy_ns_sca_deployer_kilimanjaro

    • customdeploy_ns_sca_deployer_elbrus

    • customdeploy_ns_sca_deployer_mont_blanc

    • customdeploy_ns_sca_deployer_vinson

    • customdeploy_ns_sca_deployer_denali

    • customdeploy_ns_sbe_deployer_elbrus

    • customdeploy_ns_sbe_deployer_kilimanjaro

    • customdeploy_ns_sbe_deployer_mont_blanc

    • customdeploy_ns_sbe_deployer_vinson

    • customdeploy_ns_sbep_deployer_denali

    • customdeploy_ns_sbep_deployer_mont_blanc

    • customdeploy_ns_sbep_deployer_vinson

    • customdeploy_ns_sbep_deployer_elbrus

    • customdeploy_ns_sbep_deployer_kilimanjaro

  4. Save the Script Deployment record.