Prepare the SCDeployer Role

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After you have confirmed that the SCDeployer role exists in your account, perform the following steps to prepare it for use in the developer tools:

Assign the SCDeployer Role to an Employee Record

Before a developer can use the Commerce developer tools, you must assign the SCDeployer role to the Employee record for each employee that requires developer access to NetSuite.

Assign the SCDeployer role in Role field of the Employee record (Access tab, Role subtab). See the help topic Assigning Roles to an Employee more information.

Prepare Developer Tools

The developer tools prompt you for login credentials when you initially use the following commands to access NetSuite:

  • gulp theme:fetch

  • gulp theme:deploy

  • gulp extension:fetch

  • gulp extension:deploy

  • gulp deploy

The developer tools store the login credentials (including the role) in the .nsdeploy file. If you used the Commerce developer tools prior to setting up the SCDeployer role, you might need to reset the login credentials.

To reset the developer tools login credentials, add the ––to parameter to the applicable gulp command within the developer tools. This prompts the developer to recreate the login credentials, overwriting the .nsdeploy file.

When prompted to choose a role using any of the aforementioned commands, select the SCDeployer role to gain access to NetSuite accounts without requiring two-factor authentication.