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SuiteCommerce Advanced | Denali


In some implementations of Denali R2, the npm install command returns an error. As a result, the installation cannot continue. This error occurs due to a version mismatch with the request HTTP client. You must change the version of the request client to correct the error.

Step 1: Modify package.json

  1. If you have not already done so, create a backup of package.json, located in the root of your project directory.

  2. Open package.json and make the following changes.

    Locate the line:

    "request": "2.39.0",

    Replace it with the following line:

    "request": "2.81.0",
  3. Save the file.

Step 2: Test Your Changes

  1. Confirm your results by running the npm install command again.

    The npm install command successfully installs the required Node.js packages.

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