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Aconcagua | SuiteCommerce Web Stores

SuiteCommerce Product Feeds includes an overview of your product and promotion feeds. To access the Feed Status page, go to Lists > Feeds > Status. You can check the generation status of product and promotion feeds, synchronize Google categories, and view information on the processes run to cache website items.

Web store items are cached when you install the SuiteCommerce Product Feeds extension for the first time, and then approximately every two hours. You can perform a full item cache by clicking Start Full Item Cache or you can update the items already cached by clicking Start Cache Update. The cache update checks for any changes or additions to the items already in cache. A full item cache retrieves any changes in existing items, as well as any items that have been added or removed. For more information on the item caching process performed by the SuiteCommerce Product Feeds extension, see Product Feed Overview.

With Feed Status, you can synchronize Google product categories. When you click Sync Google Categories, the product feed generator obtains the latest version of the Google Product taxonomy for use in the Item record.

Feed Status also displays a list of the feed generation tasks performed for product feeds and promotion feeds on the Product Feed Generation History and Promotion Feed Generation History subtabs, respectively. The Cache History subtab contains a log of all caching processes performed. The generation history subtabs display the following information:

  • feed type

  • website domain

  • creation date

  • generation start date and time

  • generation end date and time

  • generation status

If you click View, you can view the associated Product or Promotion Feed record.