Build and Deploy an Extension for SCIS

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To start building extensions for SCIS, install the SuiteCommerce Extension Management bundle in your NetSuite account. Web developers can use the developer tools provided in the bundle to build and deploy extensions to your NetSuite account. Administrators can activate extensions for SCIS by using the Extension Manager in NetSuite.

See Install Your Commerce Web Store Applications for information on the SuiteCommerce Extension Management SuiteApp and the Bundle ID.

NetSuite Commerce web stores provides tools to create, test, and deploy code as extensions for SCIS. Not all of the same events and methods that are available for Commerce web stores are available in SCIS. However, the way you build extensions, using the Extensibility Layer API is the same. The following instructions describe general information about setting up your development environment and building an extension for SCIS.


Option windows and information windows can only be triggered by logic associated with front end SCIS events.

To set up your development environment and build an extension for SCIS:

  1. Install Node.js

  2. Install Gulp.js

  3. Set Up Extension Developer Tools

  4. Use events and methods available for use with the SCIS API. For more information, read SCIS Extensibility API.


    SCIS does not support views, templates, or themes.

  5. Use Gulp to create your extension.

  6. Deploy your extension. Follow the instructions in Deploy an Extension to NetSuite.

  7. After the extension is deployed, an administrator can activate the extension in SCIS. For more information, read Activate Extensions for SCIS.