Secure Shopping for Site Builder Extensions (Vinson)

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Site Builder

This topic explains how to patch the following implementations of Site Builder to take advantage of Secure Shopping domains:

  • SiteBuilder Extensions Vinson

  • SiteBuilder Extensions Premium Vinson


Site Builder sites implementing the Kilimanjaro or Elbrus releases of Site Builder Extensions and Extensions Premium already include the ability to create a secure Shopping domain by default and do not require a patch. Denali and Mont Blanc Site Builder implementations cannot set up secure Shopping domains.


To patch pre-Denali reference implementations for Site Builder, see Secure Shopping for Site Builder (Pre-Denali).

Follow these steps to set up a secure Shopping domain for your Site Builder Extensions implementation:

  1. Configure a Secure Shopping Domain

  2. Apply Patch to Source Files

  3. Deploy Files

To leverage a secure shopping domain in your implementation of Site Builder Extensions, you need to introduce these changes as custom modules and deploy using the Core SCA developer tools. This patch is highly technical and involves customizing multiple files.