Activate Themes and Extensions

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Creating or editing an activation launches the Activate Themes and Extensions page. See Extension Manager Overview for details on how to create or edit an activation.

The Active Themes & Extensions tab displays all activations for the currently selected web site and domain, as shown below. Note that a theme or extension must also be compatible with your current version of SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced to be listed in the Active Themes & Extensions tab.


If an activation experiences an error, at least one theme or extension has failed and requires troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is an advanced effort that requires knowledge of JavaScript, SutieScript, JSON, and Sass. See Troubleshoot Activation Errors for assistance.

To activate themes or extensions:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Extension Manager.

  2. Create a new activation or click Edit next to a preexisting activation on the Extension Manager page.

    See Extension Manager Overview for details.

  3. On the Activate Themes and Extensions page, perform one or more of the following tasks, as applicable:

Selecting Activate on this page activates any selected themes and extensions, returns you to the Extension Manager page, and triggers one of the following events:

  • If this is the only activation currently being processed, the Extension Manager processes all selected themes and extensions, removes any you deselected, and compiles your domain’s run-time files.

  • If the Extension Manager is currently processing a different activation, NetSuite adds your activation to the processing queue and sets the status to Pending.


As a best practice, test all activations and updates on a development domain before activating on a live site.


For themes and extensions to be available for activation, they must either be installed as a published SuiteApp or be deployed to your account by in-house site developers. For more information on installing themes as SuiteApps, see Install Theme and Extension SuiteApps. For more information on developing your own themes, see Customization.