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You set up your extension’s manifest.json file to automatically create a new CSM Page Type record. When a user installs your extension from a bundle, NetSuite automatically creates the record based on the parameters you set here.

To set up your extension to create a CMS Page Type record:

  1. Open your extension’s manifest.json file.

    This is located in your Workspace/[extension] folder.

  2. Add the page object and types array.

    Create a new object in the types array for each new page type you want your extension to create. See Page in the Extension Manifest topic for details.

  3. Save your manifest.json file.

Page Types in a Development Environment

During early testing and development, no bundle exists for your extension. You can test an extension by deploying it to an account. However, since the bundle installation is what triggers the CMS Page Type record creation, you must manually create the record in NetSuite to test your extension. This is not the typical user experience, but it is necessary to build the mechanism during development.

Observe these minimum requirements for testing a CMS Page Type record with your extension:

  • The Name and Display Name fields are mandatory.

  • The Name field must match the name parameter in the registerPageType() method in your extension’s entrypoint JavaScript file. No spaces or special characters are allowed in this field. See Register a Page Type for details.

  • To appear in SMT, the CMS Creatable field must be set to Yes.

To create a CMS Page Type record manually, see CMS Page Type Record.

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