Create Layout Thumbnails

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

Part of setting up a layout in your extension includes specifying a layout thumbnail. This image acts as a small preview or representation of the associated layout. Here is an example of thumbnails in use in Site Management Tools (SMT):

You can download a collection of stock images to use for your thumbnails or as a starting point when developing your own: Stock SMT Layout Thumbnails.

If you create your own thumbnails, follow these best practices when creating thumbnails:

  • When possible, use the stock thumbnails provided as a starting point.

  • Format thumbnail images as SVG files. Other image types are supported, but SVGs provide more versatility and scalability with typically smaller file sizes.

  • Limit file sizes to NetSuite file size limitations. See the help topic Best Practice for Preparing Files for Upload to the File Cabinet for details.

  • Create thumbnail images with either of the following pixel dimensions:

    • 84 x 84 px

    • 180 x 180 px

    • 245 x 245 px

  • Introduce thumbnail images within your extension as assets. This requires editing your extension’s manifest.json file and using HTML helpers to register them. See the following help topics for details:

  • Include a reference to these thumbnails when you register your page types or layouts. See Register Page Types and Templates for SMT and HTML Helpers for help.