Invoice in Advance of Fulfillment with Optimize EMV

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SuiteCommerce InStore


The Optimize EMV option in SCIS creates a customer payment before creating an invoice. This sequence helps expedite the payment process. However, when the option to Invoice in Advance of Fulfillment is disabled and the order is for pickup or shipping, the flow is directed to use standard EMV processing.

This table shows when SCIS uses Optimize EMV for pickup and shipping orders based on the Invoice in Advance of Fulfillment option.

Order Type

Invoice in advance of Fulfillment?

Optimize EMV enabled?

EMV payment action

Pickup or Shipment



Optimize EMV payment

Pickup or Shipment



Standard EMV payment


When ordering items for pickup or shipment, and Invoice in advance of fulfillment is disabled, SCIS does not use Optimize EMV to process the order payment.

You can find the Invoice in Advance of Fulfillment option by logging into NetSuite and going to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management subtab.