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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


The Grid Order extension lets you set up matrix items to display purchasing options in a table on the Product Details page (PDP).

When you activate this extension, you configure items to use Grid Order. These items display purchasing options in a tabular format in place of the standard experience. This view is ideal for customers who require buying several variations of an item.

For example, a user can add the following items to their cart at one time:

  • 10 small red gloves

  • 10 medium black gloves

  • 15 large white gloves

You can set up Grid Order for any matrix items with one or two item options. If enabled and set up correctly, users can quickly add quantities for multiple buying options in an easy-to-use table.

This topic explains how to do the following:


Commerce extensions are only available if provisioned, installed, and activated for a selected domain in your account. For more information, see Commerce Extensions.


Extensions require SuiteCommerce or the Aconcagua release of SCA or later.


Be aware of the following limitations when using the Grid Order extension:

  • If a matrix item includes three or more item options, the grid does not appear on your site. Using the Grid Order feature, limit item options for matrix items to one or two.

  • Grid Order does not display items whose parent matrix item includes a mandatory item option.

See the help topic Matrix Items for details on how to create item records using an item matrix.