Applying Attributes to Items in a Merchandise Hierarchy


Merchandise hierarchy attributes provide you with the option to add an extra layer of classification to items in your hierarchies. Attributes can be created to describe the characteristics of your products and when applied to items, they allow you to look at item performance workbooks or reports from a different angle. They give you greater flexibility to slice your workbooks and reports as needed, no longer limiting you to your product classification by hierarchy nodes.

Furthermore, attributes can be applied to items under a specific hierarchy path directly from the Hierarchy Manager. You can apply attributes in bulk, using Mass Update, or individually as required.

You could for example, create attributes for different fabrics, allowing you to view workbooks that displayed how your denim clothing collections were performing compared to your leather collections. Such attributes would span several nodes which would have been impossible to view prior to the introduction of merchandise attributes.

To apply attributes to items assigned to a hierarchy you also need to ensure that the Custom Record feature is enabled. For more information, see Configuring Merchandise Hierarchy.

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Creating Attributes for Merchandise Hierarchies

Merchandise hierarchy attributes are custom item fields that can be applied to a merchandise hierarchy. Attributes provide further granular classification in a merchandise hierarchy workbook or report. When the Merchandise Hierarchy feature is enabled you can use existing custom item fields as attributes, or you can create new custom item fields to serve as attributes as needed.

To create attributes you must create a custom list to which you add the attribute values. For example, to create attributes for various fabrics you first create a fabric list, then add various values to the list for each fabric type, such as denim, leather, wool, polyester, etc.


To save a Custom Item Field as a merchandise attribute, you must select List/Record in the Type field, check the Store Value box, check the Merchandise Attribute box, and select all items, item types and sub-types in the Applies To subtab.

For more information, see the Custom Item Fields help topic.

To create an attribute for a merchandise hierarchy:

  1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Item Fields.

  2. Enter a label for the custom field and a useful description.

  3. Select List/Record from the Type list.

  4. Select an existing list from the List/Record list or create a new list that contains the attribute values you want to apply to your items.

    To create a new list:

    1. Move your mouse to the right of the List/Record field and click the New button that appears.

    2. Enter a name for your new list.

    3. Add the first attribute value in the Value column and click the Add button. Repeat to add all attribute values to the list.

    4. Click Save when all values have been added.

  5. Check the Store Value box.

  6. Check the Merchandise Attribute box.

  7. On the Applies To subtab, check the boxes next to all items, item types, and sub types.

  8. Click Save.

Applying Attributes to Items Under a Merchandise Hierarchy Path Using Mass Update

After you have created hierarchy attributes you can apply them to items directly from the Hierarchy Manager.

Attributes are applied to one or more items in the Hierarchy Manager using the Mass Update feature. For more information, see the Mass Changes or Updates topic.

Filters for the mass update are automatically created based on the node selection in the Hierarchy Manager. You can therefore, quickly create a mass update to apply attributes to all the items under a selected node path by selecting the parent node. Note that the parent node you select in the Hierarchy Manager is the starting point for the mass update filter. You cannot edit the default filters that are applied, but you can add filters to narrow the selection as required before you perform the update. This way you can fine tune the items to which the attribute is applied.

For example, if you want to apply attributes to multiple items in your Women’s Wear department, including tops and bottoms, select the Women’s Wear parent node. When you click the Apply Attributes button, all the items in the hierarchy path under women’s wear will be included. You can edit the filters during the process to exclude certain items or manually select which items the attribute should be applied to. You will repeat the process for each attribute value.


If you have not created any attributes, the option to apply attributes to the hierarchy will not be visible. See Creating Attributes for Merchandise Hierarchies.

To apply attributes to items in the Hierarchy Manager:

  1. Go to Setup > Merchandise Hierarchy > Hierarchy Manager (Administrator).

  2. Select a node in the Hierarchy Manager that will define the filter for the mass update. All items under the selected hierarchy path will be selected. You can narrow the item selection later in the process.

  3. Click the Apply Attributes button at the top of the Item List.

  4. Modify the default name for the mass update in the Title of Action field if required.

  5. Add filters on the Criteria subtab if required. Note that the default filters cannot be modified.

  6. On the Mass Update Attributes tab check the box next to the appropriate attribute list and select the specific attribute Value you want to apply.

  7. Click Preview Items to view the items that the attribute will be applied to.

  8. Clear the boxes next to all the items you do not want to apply the attribute to.

  9. Click Perform Update to apply the attribute to the selected items.

You must repeat the above procedure for each attribute value you want to apply to items in the hierarchy.

Click the Attribute List icon at the bottom of the Information Panel to view all the attributes that have been applied under a selected hierarchy path.

Applying Attributes to an Item on the Item Record

You can apply attributes to individual items assigned to a hierarchy directly on the Item record.

To apply attributes to individual items on the Item record:

  1. Open the Item record.


    You can click on an Item in the Item List to open the Item record.

  2. Click the Edit button.

  3. On the Custom subtab, select the attributes you want to apply to the item. If the attribute value does not exist, move your mouse to the right of the appropriate attribute list and click the New button that appears.

  4. After selecting the attributes, click Save.