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The SuiteCommerce Base Theme provides a basic theme that developers can activate and use as a baseline for further theme development and activation on a domain. This is a managed bundle. This theme includes all best practices as described in Best Practices for Creating Themes. Use this theme as a starting point for theme development to ensure that your theme is compatible with your site.

To use the SuiteCommerce Base Theme:

  1. Install the SuiteCommerce Base Theme SuiteApp. See Install Your Commerce Web Store Applications.

  2. Activate the SuiteCommerce Base Theme on a domain. See Manage Themes and Extensions.

  3. Use the Theme Developer Tools to fetch the active theme files for the domain. See Fetch Active Theme Files.

  4. Customize your theme. See Develop Your Theme and Best Practices for Creating Themes.

Important Information About the SuiteCommerce Base Theme

  • When you deploy a theme based on the SuiteCommerce Base Theme, the Theme Developer Tools prompt you to create a unique name. You cannot overwrite the Base Theme but you can create a new theme based upon it.

  • The SuiteCommerce Base Theme is a managed bundle. Updates to this theme coincide with major releases of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA).

  • SuiteCommerce updates are all backward compatible with the SuiteCommerce Base Theme. Therefore, when your version of SuiteCommerce receives to the latest update, any themes created with older versions of SuiteCommerce Base Theme are compatible with your SuiteCommerce site.

  • SCA customers must take care when creating themes using later releases of the SuiteCommerce Base Theme. Each managed update of the SuiteCommerce Base Theme is intended to be used with the corresponding core releases of SCA or later. Therefore, a theme created using the SuiteCommerce Base Theme 2019.1 release is compatible with sites implementing the same major release (SCA 2019.1) and later. That same theme might not be compatible on sites implementing an earlier SCA release (2018.2, for example).