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This information refers to SuiteCommerce or the 2019.2 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later. Do not enable Personalized Catalog Views if your site is using a SuiteCommerce Advanced release prior to 19.2.

The Personalized Catalog Views (PCV) feature enables you to provide different customers with access to different items. You can divide your customers into groups and provide each group with access to a tailored selection of catalog items​. This is useful in many scenarios, particularly for B2B websites. For example:

  • Businesses can grant VIP customers exclusive access to specific catalog items

  • Retailers that are licensed to sell certain products in limited geographies can prevent customers in other geographic locations from seeing those items

  • Manufacturers that require customers to be certified to purchase certain items can ensure only certified customers have access to those items

PCV uses NetSuite records, such as Customer Groups, Commerce Categories, and Item Collections as well as the Customer Segment Manager tool to help you personalize your catalogs for your customers.

See the following topics for more information about PCV:

  • Setting Up Personalized Catalog Views - provides guidance on how to set up PCV including how to create customer and item segments, how to make item segments visible to customer segments, and how to check that the correct items are visible to the correct customers. The Personalized Catalog Views Setup Checklist lists the main steps you need to take to set up PCV.

  • Personalized Catalog View Examples – demonstrates how PCV is set up for the three use cases listed previously, namely, VIP customers, different catalogs based on customer location, and items restricted to certified customers.

  • Troubleshooting Item Availability – lists the settings that can prevent items from being displayed to the correct customers in the web store.

View the Introduction to Personalized Catalog Views video