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In some implementations of the Aconcagua R2 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, local files are not deploying to the DeployDistribution folder after running the gulp deploy command using the developer tools. As a consequence, accessing Local SSP pages result in a Page Not Found error. This problem occurs because the R2 release of Aconcagua did not include three important files. This patch adds these files to your implementation.

To implement this patch, you must add the following files to your source and deploy:

  • CheckoutApplication@aconcaguaR2\Internal\ index-local.ssp

  • MyAccountApplication@aconcaguaR2\Internal\ index-local.ssp

  •  ShoppingApplication@aconcaguaR2\Internal\ index-local.ssp

Because these files do not exist, you cannot use traditional best practices, such as extending or overriding. This instruction simply requires adding three files, renaming them to match the applicable module, and deploying.

Step 1: Download the Patch Files

  1. Download the .zip file containing the three local.ssp files here:

    This zip file includes the following files:

    • checkout-local.ssp

    • my_account-local.ssp

    • shopping-local.ssp

  2. Extract the contents of this file to any location locally.

  3. For the Checkout application:

    1. Copy checkout-local.ssp to the CheckoutApplication@aconcaguaR2/Internal folder.

      If the Internal folder does not exist, create it.

    2. Rename checkout-local.ssp to index-local.ssp.

  4. For the MyAccount application:

    1. Copy myaccount-local.ssp to the MyAccountApplication@aconcaguaR2/Internal folder.

      If the Internal folder does not exist, create it.

    2. Rename myaccount-local.ssp to index-local.ssp.

  5. For the Shopping application:

    1. Copy shopping-local.ssp to the ShoppingApplication@aconcaguaR2/Internal folder.

      If the Internal folder does not exist, create it.

    2. Rename shopping- local.ssp to index-local.ssp.

    Your source directory structure should look like this:


Step 2: Deploy Your Customization

  1. Deploy your source code customizations to your NetSuite account and test the functionality. See Deploy to NetSuite for details.


    Since this patch adds SuiteScript files, changes are not visible in your local environment. SuiteScript files run on the server and must be deployed to NetSuite to take effect.

  2. Confirm your results.

    Upon successful deployment, local files should exist in your DeployDistribution folder.

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