2019.2 Release of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced

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Welcome to the 2019.2 release of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)!


Many of the features and enhancements in this release have dependencies on NetSuite 2019.2. You must implement this release in a 2019.2 NetSuite account.

The 2019.2 releases of SuiteCommerce and SCA incorporate periodic updates to the application, as described below. Refer to the following release notes for updates included in the major release and any subsequent minor releases. How you use these release notes depends on your web store:

  • SuiteCommerce – These changes apply to your account automatically according to a scheduled update. Use these release notes as an informative guide to understand the changes applied to your account.

  • SuiteCommerce Advanced – You must manually migrate your web store to the latest minor release to incorporate these changes. Use these release notes to determine if migration is necessary for your SCA implementation. This update does not alter the existing bundle ID. If you determine an update is necessary, see Update SuiteCommerce Advanced for instructions.

The following bundles are available:


Bundle ID



SuiteCommerce Advanced 2019.2.4


Other important bundles include:


Bundle ID

SuiteCommerce Configuration


SuiteCommerce Extension Management


SuiteCommerce Base Theme


SuiteCommerce Google Tag Manager Editor


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