SuiteCommerce InStore APM Action History

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SuiteCommerce InStore

The Action History is displayed when you click the link in the popup window displayed in the timeline. You can set filters to limit how much performance data is displayed:

  • Total Duration

  • User Event Time

  • Workflow Time

The columns in the Action History show the following information:

  • Date & Time — Shows the time of day when the action occurred.

  • Total Duration — Shows the time it takes for the action to complete. Total Duration time includes customizations such as user event scripts and workflows.

  • User Event Time — Shows the time it takes for user event scripts to run. If a web developer created custom user event scripts for your organization, you can identify long-running scripts here. Viewing the performance data enables your development team to identify which scripts might need to be optimized.

  • Workflow — Shows the time it takes for workflows to run. Use this performance data to identify long-running workflows, and then you can modify them.

  • Customization Duration — Shows the total duration of user event scripts and workflows in graphic form.


    User event scripts and workflows are customizations. SuiteCommerce InStore APM displays the actual date and time when customization data was most recently available.

  • User — Shows the email address of the sales associate logged in during the action.

  • Device — Shows the device ID for the device where the action occurred.

  • Location — Shows the location where the action occurred.

  • Subsidiary — Shows the subsidiary where the action occurred,